“When I hit 40 years old, everything started going the wrong way. I’m a firefighter. With the stress in my job, my genetics and my lifestyle, I thought ‘I have to do everything I can possibly do to take the best care of myself.’ That’s why I came to see Karen. She’s a breath of fresh air. I see her three to four times a year. She’s addressed a lot of different issues with me. I want to live a long and healthy life. To do that, I’ve got to put myself in the position to succeed in terms of my health. That’s what I’m trying to do.”
—Kurt Schatz

“Karen has extraordinary knowledge and judgment in her field of expertise. She discovered that some of my existing supplements were not addressing my key bodily needs for maximum health. She provided a series of tests to determine the best course of action. When certain deficiencies were discovered, Karen provided new supplements and vitamins to correct the deficiencies. Karen has a professional demeanor, a caring attitude, extensive knowledge and state of the art information concerning the best solutions. I tell my friends to not bother going to see someone else. Go see Karen!!!”
—Jerry Hay

“Karen always listens warmly without judgment, even when I don’t always follow what she has suggested I do. She is very intuitive and customizes her recommendations to me rather than using a blanket approach for everyone. She is a delight to work with. I would recommend Karen to anyone who wants to improve their health at a cellular level and is willing to work with her to do so from the inside out. She’s the best!”
—Claudia Bingham

“I have a history of headaches. Karen took a scientific approach to my problem. She discovered that I was allergic to gluten, and she explained what the gluten allergy was doing to my body. She was fun to work with and made a healthy lifestyle a journey instead of huge changes up front. This approach helped me maintain the changes, and they didn’t seem like a big deal. I have lost 25 pounds and 3 dress sizes, and I have kept the weight off for over a year. The most important result is that I feel great! My mother had rheumatoid arthritis which I found is related to a gluten allergy. I don’t have to fear that disease anymore. I made a simple change to my diet. I eliminated gluten, and I am headache free.”
—Alain Labrecque

“I have recommended Karen to all of my friends. Karen has shown me that simple changes and knowledge can make a huge difference in my life. She is knowledgeable, personable and she demonstrates an understanding of the real world. She doesn’t try to force huge changes on people all at once. Her approach is easy to follow, and she helps us take baby steps to a healthy lifestyle. Those baby steps lead to a better life.”
—Alain Labrecque

“I was having big energy swings—lots of energy for a few days and then couldn’t get out of bed the next. I was hoping Karen could help me even them out, and I had a feeling food was a culprit She found parasites, food sensitivities and hormonal imbalances. I think the results have been great. I am off of thyroid medication, which I thought I would have to take the rest of my life, and my energy is pretty stable—very few low energy days.  I like the fact that after my visits, I have another piece to the puzzle as to why my body is reacting the way it is. Now, all the pieces are connected.

“Karen has also done a tremendous job in helping my 13-year-old daughter, with hormonal issues. Conventional doctors wanted to put her on birth control pills to regulate her cycle. Karen put her on one supplement for a few months and found out she was gluten sensitive. Her cycle is now normal. Karen has taught both me and my daughter invaluable lessons on how to listen to our bodies, how our bodies react to food and the environment and which tools will help our bodies heal.”
—Kari Tinker

“I love her warmth, humor and unending scientific knowledge. She makes me feel at ease. Karen will not suggest for you to have a test, take a supplement or a treatment unless there is good science to back it all up.”
—Kari Tinker

“I wanted Karen to do in-depth blood work, hormonal testing, a nutrition analysis and to give me her recommendations. Based on her extensive knowledge and expertise as well as feedback she received from a doctor at the company that completed the blood work analysis, she made several diet and supplement recommendations. Most of my vitamin/mineral levels are good, except for my hormones. I have seen some improvement and am confident that in time, I will see great results.”
—Nancy Moon-Eilers

“I so appreciate the time and energy she’s committed to me.”
—Nancy Moon-Eilers

“Karen is fun. She knows what needs to be done, and she leads her patients to the right path.  I was never frustrated or irritated while making huge changes in my lifestyle. Karen made a huge difference in my family’s health.

“Karen suggested a different approach to managing my diabetes. She gave me some pills to help manage my blood sugar. She explained how the different medicines worked with blood sugar, and she helped me understand what I needed to do to balance it. I didn’t know that I was supposed to eat every 4 hours, and I didn’t know what to eat. Karen listened to the foods that I like and incorporated them into an eating plan that I could maintain. Since I’ve been seeing Karen, my doctor has taken me off of diabetes medicine, and I only take the pills that Karen recommended. I have lost weight, and I have lowered my blood sugar levels. I feel great. Understanding what to eat and how often to eat has removed the blood sugar and energy level drop in the afternoon. Diabetes can be managed—all you need is some help and knowledge.”
—Joe Lebrecque

“I suffered from horrible stomach pain. I thought I was going to beat it some easy way. It came all of a sudden, so I thought I could beat it quickly. I went to a huge number of doctors, gastroenterologists and naturopaths. I tried acupuncture, massage therapy, even essential oils. They didn’t help me. My first experience with Karen was when it was so bad and nothing was really helping me. My doctor at Oregon Health and Sciences University was 100 percent for me working with Karen. I followed her suggestions. It was a slow process, but month by month, I started improving. Now, I’m in pretty darn good shape. My wife would agree.”
—Matt Dutson Digestive Health

“I was having intestinal problems and pain. I wasn’t able to eat much of anything without getting sick. I didn’t know what was going on, and I was losing weight. A friend recommended I see Karen. I wanted to get full blood work done, a diagnosis as to what was going on and treatment in a natural way. I didn’t want to go to a medical doctor. I had done a lot of traveling, and she ended up treating me for parasites. I feel fine now.”
—Jennie Kalberer Digestive Health

“I was not getting answers from my doctors about Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). I couldn’t live the rest of my life that way. Karen found out I did not have IBS but was gluten intolerant. She took the time to really investigate and care about me—enough to get to the root of this. I totally trust her. She’s the only professional I’ve worked with who I feel has gone out of her way to help. I’ve had no problems since I went off gluten.

“To Karen, I’m not just a number. I’m a person with a problem, and she’s there to help me with my problem. If you want the person who’ll take the time and really listen—I’ve got the person for you—Karen McGeehan.”
—Sherry Mundt Digestive Health

“Karen is amazing. She makes me feel like I can do what needs to be done to feel my best.

“I first visited Karen when I was really struggling with occasionally getting ‘accidental exposures’ to pizza—even though I knew gluten was damaging my health. I didn’t think it would be that bad if it was ‘just infrequent,’ but I continued to have related-health issues from this very limited exposure. I had convinced myself that I hadn’t gotten to the root of the problem. What I really needed was for Karen to tell me that I couldn’t eat any gluten—ever. She confirmed this suspicion with lab results and then offered me several references to read that related to my issue. By the time I was done with these books, I was appalled that I hadn’t been more careful sooner. I have since learned that celiacs who continue to get gluten exposure can shorten their lifespan by at least 10 years. Karen helped me more than any other practitioner to develop a gluten-free diet. I am so grateful!”
—Marissa Mayer Digestive Health

“She’s so easy to talk to and so passionate about what she does. Karen has helped my family in many ways. Help with our son’s behavior was an unexpected find, but much appreciated. It turns out we needed to take him off of soy milk and go back to regular milk. Her advice for fish oil supplements to help him focus has been invaluable. She helped us get him food allergy tested which also helped with his behavior. He actually had eczema issues that cleared up unexpectedly when we took him off soy milk.

“For me, Karen discovered my lack of energy and concentration was due to low levels of various vitamins, minerals, etc. I cut gluten out of my diet as it appears it was causing my intestines to not be able to absorb them; and she started me on supplements for the ones I was lowest on—such as iron for energy and B vitamins for concentration. I finally have energy again and the ability to concentrate, making it easier and more efficient to work and get through my day in general.”
—Angi Ford Brain Chemistry

“I was interested in doing a cleanse to support my work with emotional eating.  I worked with Karen over the phone and via e-mail pretty steadily for about six months. She supported me during and after the cleanse, giving me great information and support. I lost about 50 pounds working with Karen. I have kept off all but 10. My eating is healthier now. I feel much better, and I have more energy.”
—Jacqueline Sova Weight Loss

“We have recommended Karen to several people as a highly proficient nutritionist from whom we have received substantial benefit.

“Karen is very scientifically oriented. She determined the supplements we needed based on various tests, as well as a consultation with a physician. In addition, we have greatly enjoyed and appreciated Karen’s caring, enthusiastic and supportive approach in designing and implementing a care plan. Our results have been excellent—we are still alive! (Besides, we’re feeling better than when we started, and we’re enjoying the benefits of improved health.”
—Phil and Lynn Nelson Weight Loss

“I feel so much better in terms of my vitality, my endurance and my strength. Karen uses bio-analysis to keep giving us feedback on how my body was burning fat and how I was doing with replacing the fat with lean muscle. It was such a wonderful feedback tool, because sometimes there would be periods of time my weight wouldn’t change much. If I was just looking at the scale, I would get really discouraged. Her feedback made me stay on track. If I had been on my own, just using the scale I would have just given up. She can help accelerate change. By taking all kinds of things into consideration, she makes it possible to live your life and follow through with her plans. She’s also very inspiring. When you’re dealing with chronic health issues, inspiration is a really important part of it. She gave me really good pep talks at a few important junctures.”
—Lina Bernsten Weight Loss

“A co-worker told me that Karen had really helped with a weight loss program. I went to see Karen for weight loss and to learn how to eat properly. What Karen found out was that I had a wheat allergy which I never had been told before. By cleaning me out, putting me on some heart healthy supplements and eating the proper foods, I have lost a lot of the weight from my mid section which I have never been able to do before.”
—Robin Allard Weight Loss

“Karen got to know me and my body pretty well. She’s very left brain but caring and intuitive—the best of both worlds kind of thing. She’s helped me have better and better understanding of issues that could be related to my weight. As I started working with Karen and through my own research, I’m on the road to know what my body needs. One of the things that really surprised me was her understanding of the thyroid. It was obvious to me that it was not okay. How I was feeling was not okay. The medicines I was on were not working well for me either. Karen had a lot of ideas and information. It was nice to have her there beside me supporting me. I’m really excited for all the people she’s going to be helping.”
—Marianna Silverman Weight Loss