Emotional Eating

A healthy body balance gives you an opportunity to tune into your body’s language and listen to what it is telling you. You can listen to both its physical and emotional messages by asking the right questions.

In dealing with the reasons for emotional eating, you must also address the biochemical impact those eating patterns have initiated. These biochemical “shifts” that take place can make your transition to healthy eating a challenge. These “shifts” can be very powerful in directing your choice of food even if you have your heart and mind on the appropriate path. Your body is always trying to keep you in balance even if it has to maintain an “out of health” balance to keep you functional. Once it has established this balance, it has a tantrum if you try to change. Knowing what “out of health” balance your body has arranged makes it possible, with the appropriate tools, for you to shift back to a healthy balance.

Time to start eating healthy? Take the Inner View!