Brain Chemistry

It is all in your head. Yes, it really is! What you think, what you tell yourself, what you allow to filter in as judgment or inspiration is all in your head. Therefore, your ability to perceive life as enjoyable is related to brain chemistry.

Most imbalances are due to stress, lack of exercise, less than optimal eating habits or genes. Other contributors include a particular belief pitfall:

  • Luck of the draw – Bad genes. Life circumstances.
  • My doctor manages my health – Doctors know best, that is where the responsibility lies.  My medication manages my symptoms.
  • Information Deficit/Overload – I know I should be making lifestyle changes and eating better, but I don’t know where to begin.  I’m confused with all the information out there!
  • Know and Can’t – I know what to do.  I’ve done it before and felt great, but I just can’t stick to it.
  • Self Love – There is a “Main Line” connection between your heart and mind.  What you feel enhances the outcome of what you think.

The good news is—You CAN change your health and mood with nutritional therapy. Through the strategic use of amino acids (constituents found in protein foods), you can first change the way you feel about life. Once you feel more uplifted and positive, it becomes easier to make other important lifestyle changes—getting enough sleep, exercise, prayer/meditation, and healthy eating.

Your brain has four messengers (neurotransmitters) that regulate your mood. You may recognize some of these mood regulating neurotransmitters—serotonin (our natural antidepressant), catecholamines (our natural stimulant), GABA (our natural tranquilizer), and endorphin (our natural pain killer). Each one of them needs a special diet of specific amino acids for fuel. By providing the correct amino acid in the proper formula and dose, you can begin to shift your mood in as quickly as 2 weeks. By fueling the correct brain messenger, you can manage anxiety, the blahs, oversensitive feelings, emotional eating and your cravings!

Through guided self-discovery, experience a more positive and joyous state of mind. Release your dependency on chocolate, caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, or antidepressants in order to feel good.