Thanks for taking the Inner View to Self Discovery with me, Karen McGeehan. I am a certified nutritionist and certified lifestyle educator. I’m looking forward to working with you. Here is a little information about my background, so you can decide if I’m the right person for you.

For many years, I have worked extensively with medical doctors and alternative health care practitioners. Since 1998, I have worked in both Naturopathic and Chiropractic clinics as a nutritionist. With a background in education, including a master’s degree from Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan, I thoroughly enjoy delving into the “why” of what’s going on in people’s bodies. To me, helping you tailor your individual nutritional plan is like putting together a very important puzzle.

My scientific training, that when coupled with my other keen investigative practices, helps me understand people’s bodies and what’s happening in them better than many other professionals. My in-house screening tools allow me to pinpoint areas of your body that need help.

Because no two people are the same and we aren’t just our bodies, I use intuitive reflection to best serve you as an individual. If I’m not in the office working with clients, I’m probably attending workshops and educational seminars to keep me abreast of advancements in health care.